Wonderful weekend in a hotel in Scheveningen

Just a wonderful weekend witnessed in a hotel in Scheveningenblissful weather, great travel companions, delicious food, etc. .. Actually all the ingredients were present for a topverblijf of it! First it was the intention to move to Paris but that was just slightly too expensive for my budget. A hotel in Scheveningen was a very nice alternative. Saturday we leave early, the car will stall and then immediately go to Den Haag shopping for some work to do. And then Sunday we use for the beach walks. The hotel Scheveningen where we stayed really showed a perfect place to be just a matter of a street over and you were almost literally on the pier!

There were also many other options very close to the hotel Scheveningen, how about eettentjes and local Pathe movie night where we Wild Hogs have seen. Only downside, perhaps, Scheveningen is a nice city but very busy. It is the quietest places to look and you choose to mentally complete emptying, so you can rush to the largest. If it is quiet in your head, it is quiet everywhere, everything depends on just how the business aankijkt. If you, like us, to act as the seaside resort to omit and direction Den Haag cycling, you of course have a busy setting right but this could spoil the fun at all. From the cute lady behind the reception desk in our hotels Scheveningen gave us a booklet with the best cycling routes, especially to the city to go through the Center back to Scheveningen cycle. Merry weather, delicious breath, it seemed as though summer was just the beginning of April. In Scheveningen itself vertoef I love the pier, the contact with the sea is almost up.

Also get a nice, almost panoramic view over the beach and the city, good for us from here hotels in Scheveningen meeting to save! The last evening walk with a gourmet restaurant, a truly good end of a fine weekend in a Hotel Scheveningen again, even this year!

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