Van Scheveningen naar een hotel in Zwolle



I just had a great time in a hotel in Zwolle, in my humble opinion one of the most underrated cities in the Netherlands. Zwolle has however a lot to offer, whether you are young or old, have a rich budget or effort to have the ends to each other in knots. Zwolle, an old Hanseatic town complete with canals, make it fun to historic character. A weekend or longer in a goedkoop hotel Zwolle is always recommended! The walled city of Zwolle can be seen from the Black Water, the connection of Zwolle in the Zuiderzee. Left is the medieval city wall with the round tower to see the right is already begun with the construction of the new star-shaped fortress. From the window in my hotel ZwolleI had a nice view on the two large churches in the city, the Grote or St. Michael Church with spire and the Basilica of Our Lady tower.



Both stabbing high above the buildings and described as the city. Who holds history should include a few days and nights in one of the many qualitative Zwolle hotel to spend! As capital of the province of Overijssel is Zwolle nicely situated between different areas. Zwolle itself is compact and organized. On a square mile you will find everything you need hebt.Alle shops you find in a long street, the Diezerpromenade. And the bars are within a stone's throw from each other. Especially in the Voorstraat find a real pub concentration, something I during my stay in that hotels Zwolle links do not leave! Holiday in a Hotel Zwolle centrum is simply unforgettable!